Global Summit 2019 - The Consumers of Tomorrow

Alan Norris, CFP(R) AIF(R)
10 months agoApril 19, 2019
Phenomenally engaging in-depth research that can spur you into delivering a truly better client experience. 
The Dychtwald’s thought provoking presentations are consistent with a common theme held to by Ken over the years (To Life!)
fenella bishop
9 months agoMay 28, 2019
Zak's book Young China is enlightening.  As President of Travel Corporation Asia I am part of the team that has been developing the Chinese market for the past 20 years.  We are constantly astounded at the speed at which China is evolving;  the new Maglev train is due to travel at 327 miles per hour - amazing and just shows how fast China moves forward.  However when it comes to service industries and the players that control the China outbound market today they need equally to understand the desires of Young Chinese.  They need to understand that price is not the most important but rather giving an experience that meets Young China's expectation and feeds their desire for immersive experience and adventure.  Zak would love to have you come meet some of the major outbound agents and talk to them.
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